Convair YB-60

Convair YB-60 49-26761. (U.S. Air Force)

Consolidated YB-60 in flight,1952. Convair YB-60 sweptwing, eight-jet bomber is shown here in the first flight view of the U.S. Air Force’s latest addition to its air arsenal.Ê Equipped with eight Pratt & Whitney turbojet engines, most powerful of their type now in use, the YB-60 was rolled out of the factory at Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation’s Fort Worth, Texas, Division on April 6, 1952, for engine run-ups and ground tests.Ê First flight, on April 18, 1952, occurred just 14 days after installation of its final engine.Ê Planes needle-nose appearance originates from a slender boom used for test purposes.

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