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  1. VP-65 #06. This is at NAS Point Mugu. I was in VFA-305 “Lobos” F/A-18’s in the background at the time. VP-65 and VFA-305 were on the east side of the airfield. Weapon Center was on the west side and the Calif. Air Guard was to the NE. In Oct. ’93 this area would have the Southland fires, the fire from Thousand Oaks would came on base. The body of a missing Thousand Oaks woman
    (3 years) would be found near Hwy 1.

    1. Thank you,Kenneth. TDiA suspected that it was NAS Point Mugu, but was uncertain. Thank you for the confirmation. As a government contract helicopter pilot 1984–1996, I made hundreds of flights out of NAS Point Mugu (NTD), OLF San Nicolas Island (NSI), NALF San Clemente Island (LID) and NAWS China Lake (NID), supporting missile and flight operations with observation, recovery of MQM-74 Chukar target drones at sea, photographic and instrumentation flights, range surveillance, personnel and cargo transportation to various test and telemetry sites throughout the eight Channel Islands, operating from the Surface Targets Directorate’s target ships, etc. I was able to observe many very interesting projects. . . The body of Nancy Huter, who had been missing 20 months, was found 20 feet inside the perimeter fence of NAS Point Mugu, south of Las Posas Road, 4 November 1993. As far as I know, her murder has never been solved.

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