Lockheed-TF-104G-Starfighter-N104L-Free-World-Defender-with-Toni-LeVier-and-Tony-LeVier-Palmdale-to-Washington-DC-29-May-1963 2

oniann LeVier and Tony LeVier flew this Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter from Palmdale, California to Washington, D.C., 29 May 1963. (Lockheed Martin)

2 thoughts on “Lockheed-TF-104G-Starfighter-N104L-Free-World-Defender-with-Toni-LeVier-and-Tony-LeVier-Palmdale-to-Washington-DC-29-May-1963 2

    1. I assume that you are inquiring about the two FAI world speed records that Jackie Cochran set while flying the TF-104G. No, both records have been superseded since approved.

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