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  1. What a gorgeous picture of the S.6B, beautifully composed and perfectly lit. It’s the screen saver of all screen savers and is much appreciated by this lover of vintage aeroplanes and will be by anyone who savours our flying heritage.

    The re-build of the S.5 replica will be a joy to see when it’s airborne again in the future.

    Long may such elegant creations and restorations continue so that future generations may see what was once the flower of British aviation, survivors, restorations of past glory, curated for all to marvel at, whether flying or in. museum environment.

    Thank you,

    1. Lynn, TDiA agreees with you. This Day in Aviation spends a lot of research time searching for images that help tell the story of aeronautical history. The photograph of the S.6B is one of the finest we’ve ever come across.

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