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Lieutenant Robert L. Mains’ crew during combat training. Standing, left to right: Charles H. Daman; Charles E. Cupp, Jr.; George S. Alexander; (unknown); Antonio Munoz, Jr., and (unknown). Kneeling, (Unknown); Robert L. Maims; Allen L. Lake; and (Unknown). (American Air Museum in Britain)

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  1. This is to complete the ‘unknown’ crew members in your copy of the photograph.

    Training photo of pilot Lt. Robert L. Mains’ crew. Standing, left to right: Sgt Charles H Daman, Sgt Charles E. Cupp Jr, Sgt Anthony C. Villari, T/Sgt Frank S. Merkovich, Sgt Antonio Munoz Jr, S/Sgt Harry J. Allen. Kneeling left to right: Lt John W. Johnson, Lt Robert L. Mains, Lt John Hankin, Lt Allen L. Lake. Courtesy of the family of Sergeant Charles H Daman.

    The only survivor was Sgt. Charles Edward Cupp Jr (36854167) Radio Operator.


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