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Boeing B-17G-15-BO Flying Fortress, Wee Willie, and its flight crew at Air Force Station 121, RAF Bassingbourne, 12 February 1944. The bomber is still nearly new with no mission markings yet displayed. Standing, left to right: 1st Lt. John A. Moeller, co-pilot; 2nd Lt. Harry Lerner, navigator; S/Sgt Robert Kelley, waist gunner; S/Sgt Martin, ball turret gunner; Lt. Joe Gagliano, bombardier; 1st Lt. Paul D. Jessop, pilot. Kneeling, left to right: S/Sgt MacElroy, waist gunner; S/Sgt Shoupe, radio operator; S/Sgt Southworth, engineer/top turret gunner; and S/Sgt Joe Zastinich, tail gunner. (American Air Museum in Britain UPL 25722/U.S. Air Force A-62744 A.C./NARA Ref 3A10229-3A11481)

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  1. My Uncle Woodrow A Lien was a co-pilot of Wee Willy when shot down over Germany in 1945.

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