8 June 1911

Glenn Hammond Curtiss’ Federation Aeronautique Internationale/Aero Club of America Licence, No. 1, issued June 8, 1911. (NASM-CW8G-0258)

8 June 1911: The Aero Club of America, as representative of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, issued Aviator Certificate Number 1 to Glenn Hammond Curtiss. The document was signed by Allan A. Ryan, president of the club, and G. F. Campbell-Wood, secretary.

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One thought on “8 June 1911

  1. My grand uncle Frank BARRA flyed in 1912-1913 on “hydro-aéroplane” named TRIAD, constructed by Louis PAULHAN, wich had CURTISS motor.
    It was a great season for this french company.

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