Hello all,

I’ve been making some changes with caching and I suspect that a mobile site may have been cached as the default.

Also, one of the plug-ins decided to corrupt some configs, hence the site being down for extended periods this week with critical errors.

Let us know here if you continue to see issues.

There are still a few things I am working on. Once it all gets nailed down, we should see some big improvements on the database and we should have a small fediverse presence.


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10 thoughts on “Apologies for the issues this week.

  1. Hy Brian,

    I am following your site for a couple of years now and it always is the first page I visit when I open up my PC.
    I also noticed something had changed in the layout, but no stress. I am convinced you will find a solution to all that.
    Thanks for taking the time to find all the very interesting content.

    Berdj from Belgium

  2. Bryan:

    Researching and writing articles for your blog must be a labor of love. Dealing with the admin duties and technical stuff… probably not so much.

    Thanks for your dedication and hard work. Reading your blog is a regular part of my day.

    1. I do really enjoy the search for information. For someone who grew up with public libraries and their card files, the Internet is amazing. It would be impossible to accomplish the required research without it. There are frustrations, of course. TDiA’s site administrator is a highly-qualified software engineer and he keeps us up and running. I couldn’t do it without him.

  3. Considering a software glitch resulted in the grounding of all commercial aircraft for a while a week ago, your issue with the TDiA site pales in comparison. I’d have to say that your daily information far outweighs that small problem. Glad you got it sorted out, though. Thanks again for your excellent site, and like Berj from Belgium, I too open my day by reading your page.

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