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25 April 1985

A McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company MD530F. This is the same type helicopter flown by Jack Schweibold to set an FAI world speed record, 25 April 1985. (Rotor Hub)

25 April 1985: Flying a McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company MD530F, Allison Chief Test Pilot Frederick Jack Schweibold sets a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) world record for speed over a recognized course from Kansas City, Missouri, to Indianapolis, Indiana, at an average speed of 276,12 kilometers per hour (171.573 miles per hour).¹

The MD530F (Model 369FF) is the most powerful variant of the Model 369 series, which was originally produced by Hughes Helicopters as the military OH-6A Cayuse Light Observation Helicopter. It is optimized for “hot and high” operations. It has longer main rotor blades than the MD500E, and is powered by an Allison 250-C30 turboshaft engine. The helicopter is now produced by MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona.

MD530F three-view illustration with dimensions from sales brochure. (MD Helicopters)

¹ FAI Record File Number 2221

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