One-way mission

Lieutenant Colonel James H. (“Jimmy”) Doolittle, U.S. Army Air Corps, flies a North American Aviation B-25B Mitchell medium bomber off the deck of USS Hornet (CV-8), 18 April 1942. (U.S. Navy)

USS HORNET, PACIFIC OCEAN 1942 — Lt. Col. James “Jimmy” Doolittle takes off from the USS Hornet 650 miles from Japan on a top-secret bombing mission. The Doolittle Raid, U.S. Army Air Force special order of World War II, was a daring one-way mission of 16 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers with 80 aircrew, commanded by Colonel Doolittle, to carry out America‚Äôs first offensive attack on Japan. The crews secretly trained for two-weeks and modified the B-25s at Eglin Air Force Base’s Wagner Field, Auxiliary Field 1 prior to the mission. (Photo courtesy National Museum of the U.S. Air Force)

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