Decoration of Marine Flyers in South Pacific is often as informal as pictured here. These fighter pilots, at the end of a day’s flights against the enemy, line up by a revetment to be decorated by their skipper. In the background is a Corsair fighter plane.
Photo shows, left to right: 1stLt. Robert E. Clark reading citations, Major Robert G. Owens Jr., Major James L. Neefus, LtCol. Herbert H. Williamson, 1stLt. Lincoln F. Deetz, (Gold Star), 1stLt. Bennie P. O’Dell (Air Medal), 1stLt. David R. Moak (Air Medal), Capt. Don Aldrich (Purple Heart), 1stLt. Drury E. McCall (Air Medal), 1st Lt. Robert M. Hanson (Air Medal), 1stLt. Thomas M. Tomlinson (Air Medal), 1stLt. Otto K. Williams (Air Medal), and 1stLt. Grafton S. Stidger (Purple Heart).
Date 20 November 1943
Source USMC Military History Division: Defense Department Photo (Marines): 68310

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