COLLINS, Eileen M., Major, USAF. with F-4E-31-MC 66-0289 at the Air Force Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, 1990

Major Eileen M. Collins with F-4E-31-MC Phantom II, 66-0289, at the Air Force Test Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, California, 1990. A pilot instructor on the T-38 Talon and C-141 Starlifter, Eileen Collins graduated from Class 89B at Edwards. Accepted as an astronaut for NASA, she piloted the space shuttle Discovery on mission STS-63, Atlantis, STS 84, and commanded Columbia STS-93 and Discovery, STS-114.(U.S. Air Force)

U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School student Maj. Eileen M. Collins, (Class 89B), was selected by NASA as a Space Shuttle pilot candidate on January 17, 1990. Major Collins was the first woman to be selected for the job, and went to both pilot and command the Space Shuttle. (Courtesy Photo)

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