The flight crew of G-xxxx, left to right: Captain E.E. Rodley, Captain T.B. Stoney, Captain C. Farndell, Steward J. Miller, Steward A.C.J. McCormak, Stewardess Barbara Jubb and Stwardess Peggy Thorne. (Comet! The World’s First jet Airliner, by Graham Simons, at Page 213)

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  1. I was there,October 4,1958 as the 9 year old son of Assistant Airport Manager, B.O.A.C, Edwin W. “ Ted” Renshaw. Had my photo taken with Captain Stoney. Also I was with others standing next to the runway as the Comet took off. I can faintly been seen as the “ small” person in a video of the take off.

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